Missions and Challenges

Digital nomads are people who work and make income through their computers. This gives them the ability to work from every part of the world as long as they have some decent WiFi!

Some of the most popular digital nomad jobs are Entrepreneur, programmer, photographer, translator, writer, business and SEO consultant and more. Pretty much every non-physical job can become a digital nomad job!

My personal goal and one of the goals of this website is to become location independent as a digital nomad and share my experiences and inspire you to do something similar and eventually travel the world full-time! (SPOILER :Is not gonna be easy)

The areas that I will mainly focus on are programming, photography/cinematography and probably some blogging as well. So, if this is something you might be interested in, Great we can learn together how to become Digital Nomads!!

Learn how to travel? What the heck does this mean?

Tips for cheap or even free accommodation, suggestions about destinations and attractions, other "tricks" to save money while traveling, and budget city guides.

Learn how to travel is pretty much how to travel more and further without a lot of money!

Even if you don't want to travel full-time, doing more with less is always something good! 

You can visit the destinations section and read articles about the specific country you want to visit! On the how to travel section you can find all the articles about saving money and traveling for less (and possibly for free!)

Enjoy life! It is so simple but at the same time so complicated. I don't wanna say too much on this.

"When I die I wanna be remembered for the life I lived not the money I made." ~Avicii, the nights

People have inspired me to follow my dream and try my best to become a full-time traveler which is the thing that will make me live a happier life! 

If with this blog, I inspire a single person to do something similar, it will be more than AWESOME!